Today's outfit and H&M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my new H&M lace skirt and those earrings.........are just wonderfull. Of course i am an H&M addict.

Topshop Love!!!

I just checked www.topshop.co.uk and look what i found.......(i want them all :P)


Old outfit!!!! My Old house and Old music :)

I had a long time to listen to this awesome song from "Classix Nouveaux". I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

H&M love affair ;)

New things i like from H&M.

All the pics are from www.nitrolicious.com


D.i.y. jean shorts!

You can cut it wherever you want and wear it all seasons......i'll wear it with lace pants ;) soon!

My new bag from "Fullah Sugah" :)

D.i.y. Kylie Minogue T-shirt (Athens 2008)!!!!!

So i changed a little!!32$ the t-shirt i bought 2 years ago from Kylie's Live  in Athens. All small t-shirts were out of stock so i bought a large one and i have never wear it.......so here's the time for it ;)!


Topshop Wishlist November!!!!!!!!!

I love Topshop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So i did an imaginary shopping again ;)!!!!!Here's my picks...